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Service Synergy

The Alpha Canine Group Innovation

When a consistent set of ideals and innovative service concepts from associated businesses combine to produce a greater base of overall knowledge and experience.

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This concept has not come from reading books or doing a course, it has come from long term dedication, hard work and deliberate focus on a true consistency of service across the six member businesses. On one level, this approach has produced the benefit of a cumulative knowledge and experience that now gives each individual business within The Alpha Canine Group a real credibility beyond the scope of its own specific service.

On another level, Service Synergy equates to a greater overall knowledge base for The Alpha Canine Group who represent a level of experience above and beyond the combination of the individual services within the group.

Service Synergy is not just a clever concept name describing the effect of some accidental approach to business, it has been a driving force behind the development of the individual services from the very beginning, back in 1996. The goal has always been to tie them all in together when the time was right to do so.

How this translates to the individual services is that the combined knowledge and experience from the four businesses is always applied into the service strategies of each individual business. If you are looking to board your dog, Alpha Boarding Kennels has a proven approach to service that combines all the best knowledge and practices from the other businesses. If you are intending to do a professional course through Alpha Canine Professional, then there is the combined experience from the other businesses that adds a reality to the course content that we believe can't be matched anywhere.

All the trainers working for businesses within The Alpha Canine Group have been fully trained through the Alpha Dog Training Professional Dog Trainer's Course. The full-time professional trainers working for Boarding School For Dogs have also been trained in the Canine Leadership System and work with the Canine Good Behaviour Shaping System on a daily basis. The full-time staff also go through extensive on-the-job training as they learn about the synergy between all the businesses, eventually gaining enough skills and experience to be able to help customers with their enquiries over the phone.

The standards set for the staff by each business are both realistic and consistent and have proven to be a very important factor in our success. These standards are quite high, but they are based on professional requirements that will hold true in the real world and in the end, also represent a true sense of achievement for those who are selected for employment on a full, casual or part-time basis. The excellent staff feedback we receive on this point alone is testimony to the fact that real (high) standards do translate to real job satisfaction!

From this brief description of Service Synergy you can see that a lot of thought goes into this exciting concept. For everyone involved it is an exciting service culture to be a part of, whether it's helping owners train their dogs, looking after and caring for dogs in the kennels or teaching professionals how to improve their understanding of training and handling, it all adds up to a high level of job satisfaction.

As you explore this site and the websites of the other businesses you will really see what the The Alpha Canine Group is all about. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.