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Choosing A Quality Dog Training Service

Dog training helps bring owners and their dogs closer together, but you must make an informed decision to ensure that all your efforts are rewarded with both a well trained and well behaved dog. Common sense and honest answers to the questions listed in this area of our website will combine to give you a clear understanding of what type of service is actually on offer and help steer you in the right direction.

Owning a dog is one of the greatest pleasures a person can experience. The loyalty, affection & love that dogs can give is immeasurable. The down side is that due to misunderstanding & lack of clear communication, there is plenty of opportunity for things to go awry with the dog/owner relationship. Dog training is a necessity for establishing clear communication that develops a bond and trust that will last for life. Selecting the appropriate dog training establishment (club, business, private trainer, boarding school) to suit your needs is the important first step.

Choosing the right type of training for your dog can be confusing. Not all methods are the same. Talk to different people to find what's right for you. Referrals from your vet, kennel & shelter staff and friends with well-behaved dogs is a great start. Ring around many different dog training places to get a feel for the different methods they use. Dog training can take different forms and have different inclusions and standards. There are weekly obedience classes, private lessons, in home training, boarding school, puppy pre-schools & socialisation classes. All of these training approaches have varied results depending on the experience & teaching methods of the standard of the instructors.