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Pioneering new and exciting standards for positive, practical and relevant approaches to:

  • obedience training
  • owner education
  • canine behavioural management & rehabilitation
  • professional courses for dog trainers, handlers and Animal-Assisted-Therapy
In 1996 we moved right away from the conventional theories and treat/food reliant concepts used heavily throughout our industry and instead focussed on actively researching and developing realistic and relevant approaches to understanding, and more importantly, applying practical canine learning and behavioural principles. We did this by working 'hands-on' with thousands and thousands of real owners and their real dogs that were experiencing very real behavioural problems. This R&D took place in weekly training classes, boarding school for dogs and private tuition settings.

As a result of this R&D, our unique methods have proven to be effective in producing positive outcomes for canine behavioural issues that are still considered to be 'difficult' by many trainers and behaviourists, including aggression, fear, over-excitability and anxiety. Through Alpha Dog Training we offer owners and those interested in our professional courses a chance to check us out by attending a commitment free, introductory session and tour where you will see first-hand our methods in action. As many dog owners have found, their dog's behavioural issues aren't always what they seem on the surface and often the results from just one session are dramatic, if not inspiring.

Alpha Canine Behavioural Trainers specialise in methods that produce amazing results, results that often occur right before your eyes even in the very first training session. Our methods go way beyond the exercises being taught and aim squarely at the overall relationship by helping owners to develop positive leadership that is clearly recognised by their dogs. By applying commonsense methods that are so obviously relevant to the dog's natural behavioural patterns, we can demonstrate amazing results in real-time and under distraction. It's from this starting point that we can plan realistic training and behaviour shaping strategies that allow owners to practice their leadership skills in a manner that is both natural and practical.

38 of the Trainers' and Trainees' dogs holding sit, drop and stand Step-Aways